It's Too Late

Everybody listen: we are our own worst enemy
but it might take more than a shitty cliché
to say it all, and say it right
so give us your attention for a minute or two
a little intervention never hurt you
these are the words of an undead nation
so the least you could do
is pick up your feet and move
(blah blah blah blah blah...)
I've heard it all before,
and I don't even care
why should I give into all the bullshit?
But if I don't, I might lose it all
I don’t want to lose it all

It's too late, It's too late
Oh, it's too late
Somebody already opened up the door
I thought I wanted it more
It's too late, It's too late
Don't ever tell me it's too late
Just tell me what it's like
on the other side
Whoa, whoa, whoa
Whoa, whoa

Okay, slow down, feel it out,
welcome in some new sounds
I compose every line, decomposing time
this time, I can feel it. you know what?
nevermind, I wanna keep it to myself
I can run it by you, but I need it for my health
I’m a king, designing signs that point to one thing:
I’m not normal; you’re not normal
cause we’re surrounded in more immoral leaders
and liars and thievers, oh my
but we still dream, let me show you what I see
cause people telling me what I can't do is what fuels me

© 2015