One By One

Have you ever wondered why we still exist?
Why the sun is still around?
Why the earth still spins?
I suppose that we could leave it up to fate...
Cause every single day we wait is a day too late.

When you're walking out the door to start your day
Have you thought about the stars and how they take their place?
Could there be a chance they know something we don't?
Should we ask them?
Well, I guess it couldn't hurt...

So I looked up to the stars and asked them,
“What do we do?”
Because I'm shouting out my words but none are getting through.
But my words are lost forever in the wind.

Have we forgotten the simple virtues of civility?
Like the kindness in our hearts, and the values of humility?
My enemies are befriending me and my friends are all dead to me
But we'll all be the ones who take the fall.

So let the guys like the guys, and the girls like the girls
It's time we said “who give's a shit?” and let them have their world
Open your eyes – see for yourself; look beyond the painted glass
As we remember all the questions that we're here to ask
Now I know (I know) – we know there's something we must do
And if there's anything we're going to do, we better do it soon
Because the sun may dim its lights and the earth may STOP.

So if you've ever wondered why we still exist...
Why the sun is still around or why the earth still spins...
These are the questions that are left for the unknown.
But our questions won't be heard if we stand alone...

One by one
We can make this last forever
One by one
If we don't we all will fall
One by one

© 2012